Final insatisfatório

I've seen 4 movies that Clint Eastwood directed: Million Dollar Baby, Changeling, Mystic River, and Gran Torino. IMO all 4 of them shared the same characteristics of being too long and slow-paced, appearing aimless, and having boring scripts with unsatisfying endings. They're the type of movies that have me going "This looks interesting" at first, but then by the end I'm thinking "Maybe this really wasn't the type of story that could be made into an entertaining movie". Yet he's hailed as a director. I don't know a whole lot about film, so I was just wondering how much of this is his fault as the director as opposed to it being the fault of the writer(s), and how much he has a hand in changing things to make the movie better as far as pacing and plot go.

De um utilizador do IMDB. A opinião, não surpreendentemente, define a diferença entre um bom e um mau filme, mostrando como o cinema bem feito se aproxima tanto da vida, "demasiado duradoura e lenta, parecendo não ter sentido, com um argumento chato e um final insatisfatório". É isto.

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